Welcome to the CA3 Website!

California leads the nation in publicly-funded after-school programs, with annual appropriations of nearly $700 million in combined state and federal funding. This commitment provides more than 400,000 students access to safe and enriching after-school activities. These programs have been delivered cost-effectively through partnerships with community-based organizations and local government, and have demonstrated positive outcomes for participants, families and communities.

CA3 is an alliance of organizations that are (1) dedicated to promoting legislative and administrative policies, both state and federal, that enhance the quality and accessibility of after-school programs in California, including the protection of funding for the state’s After School Education and Safety Program, and (2) actively engaged and/or represented in the State Capitol.

Members of CA3 support the following core functions of the alliance:

  • Grassroots Organization – Engage practitioners in policy development and mobilize our collective constituency to coordinate citizen advocacy efforts.

  • Communications/Messaging – Develop compelling and defensible messages that define the value of after-school programs as an integral part of student learning.

  • Administrative Outreach – Connect with the After School Division of the California Department of Education to inform administrative policies that impact after-school program providers.

  • Education Community Outreach – Identify potential allies within the education advocacy community and enlist their support in delivering our message to policymakers.
  • Direct Lobbying – Work with key legislators and their staff to create a core of legislative support for CA3’s fiscal and legislative interests.