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CDE Releases ASSETs Request for Applications

October 30, 2008

Dear Colleagues,

In case you haven't heard, the CDE has released the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program High School Request for Applications. The high school program is known as After School Safety and Enrichment for Teens, or ASSETs. This application is due to the CDE by December 19, 2008.

The department has also stated that the 21st CCLC RFA for elementary and middle/junior high schools will be released sometime in mid-November. The department indicated that it received feedback from applicants last year that it was difficult to work on both applications concurrently, and so a staggered release will be implemented this year.

Applicants normally receive eight weeks to complete these applications. However, the department has received requests from the field to extend the K-9 deadline by two weeks to compensate for time lost due to the winter break.

Yours in Partnership,

Steven Amick
Executive Director

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