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Senate Appropriations Committee Holds Both After-School Bills

August 27, 2009

Dear Colleagues,

The after-school community was dealt a blow today when the Senate Appropriations Committee elected to hold both AB 434 (Block) and AB 983 (Skinner), claiming that both bills could result in "potentially millions" in General Fund cost pressures. The analysis of AB 434 stated that reducing the match requirement from 33% to 15% would result in a loss of approximately $82 million in resources and could put pressure on the General Fund to backfill the loss. The analysis of AB 983 claimed that permitting programs to operate on weekends could divert resources from weekday activities and place pressure on the General Fund to backfill weekday program needs. The rationale used to make the case for cost pressure in both instances is unsubstantial, but today's actions underscore the intensely conservative fiscal climate in Sacramento. After-school advocates will continue to pursue administrative solutions to these issues. 

Yours in Partnership,

Steven Amick

Executive Director

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